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every supper

Nov, 2019 

This Illustration initially was created as part of a competition, but it turned out to be something much more personal. To me it is a self portrait. The different kind. 

I called it "Every Supper" and it's about my identities. My masks. And that we all have different masks to choose from, for every single situation of every single day. In the same manner as we choose a dish for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner that will get us through the day.. or the next 10min or so..

I researched traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e woodprints and experimented on replicating the technique on a digital medium. 

I tried it first with simple characters and then I started to sketch out my twelve identities. I chose the famous painting of Leonardo Davinci as a reference since I was affiliated to the Christian church and grew up learning about Christianity. Combining it with aspects of my Japanese roots creating this interesting cultural and spiritual contrast.

The image is a mess but so is my search for my identity. So to me it's a proper represenation of my life and spirit.

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