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2016 - 

Fashion, to me, is an outward expression of my inner self. But most of the people dress in order to fit in, they do it for someone else. I have always been so upset with the fashion sense from where I'm from since the majority dresses horribly boring. It's not a bad look per se, but you know... like copy paste. An army wearing the same looks of H&M and Brandy Melville or whatever brand that is fresh atm.


I've always been called "courageous" for dressing so colourful and different and each time I found it strange to hear, since I just expressed who I was and I didn't feel particularly courageous. I never dressed for any other reason than to express myself and my current feelings. But that's when I also figured that for most people dressing up is not something they do for themselves. It's done for others and it's a chore. To impress others or to fit in. What a shame.

Whereas ,when I go to Asia, they seems to approach it with a completely different mindset. Instead of trying to dress to impress, everyone dresses uniquely to stand out, to show the world that they are an individual with a uniqie sense of fashion. I love the way they freely express their taste through clothing.

And to me, that's art. They are walking pieces of art. And that's why I love observing and painting drapery that create interesting silhouettes, forms and express emotions.


2019: Fida Awards: finalist in Fashion Facade Category

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