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2021 - 

If You know me well, You're well aware that my most used tools to draw traditionally are water colours or my Japanese ink brush pens. They offer great challenges with the time restraints they come with. With the ink brush pen I learned to take each stroke with confidence, and that there is no such thing as a wrong stroke. With every stroke I can't undo I need to make quick and smart choices for my next ones up until completion.

And the same goes for water colours. This medium is perfect for learning to put any kind of hesitation to rest and to gain 

confidence in your strokes and use of colours. Because once the colours are dried up, You won't be able to manipulate Your artwork anymore (mostly). To me this effect creates a feeling of tansience and fragility, perfectly fitting for subjects such as flowers. 

My favourites are my Kuretake Gansai colours. Their vibrance is astonishing compared to any other colours I have used before. 

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