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japan series

2016 -  

As half Japanese I've always felt torn between two worlds. I grew up in Switzerland, so naturally I started to long for a piece of myself that has not been able to grow properly. I think it all started ever since people began asking as to where I'm from (even though I'm from here, ya know). In the beginning I hated looking different (they always called it "exotic", yikes, always made me feel like a fruit or something), so naturally I started to feel like I don't belong here. And that's why I always felt so connected to my Asian roots, especially when we visited my relatives in Japan. 

I feel half complete all the time. Also because I'm not Japanese enough to be acknowledged as Japanese in Japan. But still, since I have experienced more "racism" in my home becuse I've lived here for a significantly longer time, I am naturally longing more for my Asian roots.

 Most prominently I notice my longing after a missing part through my drawings. Unintentionally and intentionally I tend to draw with Asian hints. And for that I created the series "Japan Series". 

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