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sanikai masks

Aug, 2020

This was an amazing collaboration with Swiss vegan fashion label Sanikai. I had the pleasure to create those super designs about skinship and closeness during a a time when we were supposed to behave otherwise.  Our goal was to create them locally with the oppurtunity to support the craftsmanship of screen printing. If you'd like to buy the mask, you can do so by going on Sanikai's website at The masks also appeared in the swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte.

From my original post in August 2020:

Wow our masks are here! I had the opportunity to create these designs for @sanikai_clothing and these are our results. I mean, if you have to cover your face, might as well cover them with charming little illustrations showing what we’re precisely not supposed to be doing atm. Early August, we came up with the idea for these designs after noticing the lack of human contact we all are experiencing due to the pandemic (unless you want to risk being infected or being a spreader). It’s something we are programmed to yearn for and now we’re forcing us (or being kindly asked) to resist and not to act upon our urges. But we still want to celebrate our urges and so we draw them on our faces. What was at the heart of this project, was creating these masks locally and emphasise the importance and value of craftsmanship. Because those crafts are part of our cultural heritage, and if we lose this knowledge, we lose parts of our own culture. Which to me, is very very sad.  In terms of our project, it was all about highlighting the craftsmanship of screen-printing. All our masks are printed by hand by TDS Textildruckerei and we are just amazed by the results and I hope you are too 🙂

Infos to the masks:

Three designs: biological urges/ The perfume (orgy)/ koi-tus

They are a @sanikai_clothing product, screenprinted by @tdstextildruckerei and  illustrated by @mangoguacamole.

You can wash them by 60 degrees for 50times

They also have aerosol filtration (very cool)

And we offer two different qualities:

organic for 32 CHF/mask

standard for 30CHF/mask

If you’re interested in buying one, write me a dm or purchase one on the Sanikai online store @ Zürich, Switzerland

Photographs by Wong Wannawat

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