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wave of life

Aug, 2016

Wave of Life was my first attempt at a short animation film. I have produced this as part of my 2D Character diploma in Vancouver at VanArts. It was completed within 3 months. 

It is about a life cycle of a boy who falls in love with the ocean. And then dies but becomes a part of the ocean. 

The quality of the film doesn't really reflect my current animation skills, but it harbours so much personal value. To me, it is my love letter to my time in Hawai'i. 

It was a time where I found joy in being alive after having a hard time to simply exist. It's a time full of memories to fall back onto when I feel down. A moment of my life being entirely positive: the people, the adventures, the lifestyle and the mindset. I wish for everyone in this world to have a similar experience once in their lifetime. It is also where I met someone who is now one of my closest friends. 

But not even this short film can't grasp the amount of love I have for everyone who made this moment of my life irreplacable. 

Mahalo and Aloha a hui ho 

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