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wedding invitation

Feb, 2021

It's one of the wonders of human life when two souls decide to merge families and commit to each other for life. Creating a symbolic bond that ties their lives together, forever. 

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with my dear Friend Selina in creating those beautifully meaningful wedding invitations. Hands are one of my main subjects in creating something with a deeper meaning. I find that hands hold immense symbolic power. They can be a symbol for war, peace, love, care, touch, connectivity and so so many more things.

For this instance I used hands as a symbol for the birth of a family, love, coming together, joint forces, connectivity, bonding, belonging, gentle care, and a story that is to be continued. 

Selina, I wish You nothing but the very best in life, I am so grateful to have grown up with You, creating an unbreakable friendship bond. And along this road of life, You, meeting Your soulmate and me, witnessing those meaningful moments that led to Your decision to tie the knot with Stefano still moves me to tears, tears full of joy. 

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