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Here is were I post character designs, animals, faces or parts of the human body which were drawn digitally. Some of them are good, some of them bad and some might even be ugly ;)


2022 Jan; Tom Hiddleston;

I´ve been studying the skull more in detail once again, and also how the light behaves on different surfaces of the face. I will never get tired of noticing my own shortcomings in my approaches and the slow progress of improving my skills. It takes so much time and effort to get one tiny step further, which people who just see the end result won´t ever even notice. Not only have I been studying the skull and portrait painting, but also the understanding the different uses of colours. I could never quite fathom the difference between hue and value but once I did, it gave me a confidence to simply use any colour in my portraits that aren´t visible in the original reference photograph.

With this portrait I tried to push it to an extreme with a wide variety of colours from the entire colour wheel.


2021 June; Just some digitally sketched out dudes. Always exploring the skull shapes and characteristics of asian faces. So much elegance in their faces.


2021 - The face of a Prince.


2021 - Chinese Princess


2019 - Faces and Llamacorn


2018 - Wacom Cintiq drawings: Badminton dude, Femme fatale, bikini gal and pouty girl


2017 - First digital painting on my first Wacom tablet

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Hanna Lea Wyttenbach
Hanna Lea Wyttenbach
18 de mar. de 2022

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