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Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Here I'll be posting things I think fall into the category fashion illustration. Some of them are drawn on paper, some digitally, just read the captions.


2022 Jan; Catwalk outfit sketches.


2022 Jan; Vogue Magazine Shoe ink pen sketches. These are shoe illustrations that I drew from the Vogue Magazine. The reason why the lines seem so wiggly is because these drawings are done without presketching them. I love drawing this way because it gives them a very organic look. It trains my observational eye and my confidence in putting the marker down on the paper. They might look off sometimes but they have such character this way, simply by not being perfect, left with some randomness.

vogue magazine fashion shows


2020 - Hat; concept sketch and final pieces. Mixed media, digital and paper. I use colour juxtapositions in order to create feelings of injustice, confusion or empathy and agreement. A lot (most) of my characters rather look sad, tired or emotionally absent. This is a feeling I, myself am very familiar with. But my characters, just like myself hold this inner joyfulness, that inner child and will to live, even though it's not visible to the spectator. Hence, with my art, I want to illustrate these inner emotions sometimes as colourful auras, other times as child like doodles flying in the air next to their bodies. We all tend to judge a person on a moment in time and this leaves us with so many false assumptions about a person. This is a topic You'll be encountering repeatedly throughout my artworks.

hat, fashion illustration, woman


2020 - big hair; digital "Trust me like she trusts this thread."


Apr, 2020 - Recycling a Porsche/ Recycling car parts into fashion outfits - concept sketch


2020 - Woman in the blur; recreating a natural charcoal pencil look on procreate.

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