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  • Hanna Lea


Updated: Jun 22, 2023

When the canvas gets too small, just use an empty wall.


2020 - hands of hope. It´s the beginning of the pandemic and we´re told not to be in touch with people, wash our hands and keep distance. I was using this beautiful picture of two hands covering a heavy light source, which gave them this see through look and a glow around their edges. To me, hands are one of the strongest symbolic subjects to use to convey human emotions and relationships. They can be gentle, rough, aggressive, soft, tense, weird, broken, fragile and so on. In this graffiti they are spreading a healing power but they could also signal danger. This is up to the viewers interpretation. We want to touch each other but also know that this could end up spreading a deadly virus. (not only covid)


2019 - Crazy; first graffiti. Always been and always will be inspired by my ultimate hero Keith Haring.

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