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Kitty Kat

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Kitty Kat is a character I created who is fun to draw and has a lot of attitude while being super cute. It might be not just one character though. An army of Kitty Kats. Here I post everything regarding Kitty Kat and write about my thoughts.

Nov 2021 - Trippy version of Kitty Kat.

Jul 2021 - Kitty Kat Kink. I didn't have a lot of thought creating these, I just really liked drawing these poses and for some reason they turned out a bit sexier than intended. She is very casually throwing faces at the invisible camera which shows me her confidence. With Kitty Kat I notice that I want to portray a young woman who is comfortable in her own skin and who glows from confidence. She owns her world and we can tell. She can be sexy by pulling faces and being in weird poses, but she actually doesn't even care if she's sexy, which makes her even cooler, at least to me. And even though she looks like she's in a submissive pose in the first drawing, she owns it still, it's like she makes something scary seem nothing. It's something I learned with my anxiety and fears. If You believe it's nothing and you act like it's nothing, it becomes nothing.

Jul 2021 - Kat Pal

I created this Character as Kitty Kat's partner in crime, he might be like a brother figure, or friend figure. I was inspired by RM from BTS for the pose and clothing. Such a fashion slayer. Cat Pal is a very quirky, playful man, who seems very shallow but is in fact just hiding behind his joyful facade. Also he's Asian.

I got very into the line drawing and lost track of time. It has been such a long time since I felt so immersed into the process. Usually, I am naturally so anxious that my mind doesn't allow me to completely dive into one task. My brain normally prevents me from deep focus by shifting to irrelevant anxious thoughts. It was a refreshing change for once.

Jul 2021 - Kitty Kat eating burning Pocky. I haven't used Procreate in a long time, my iPad must have been on zero battery for about a month. So it was time to refreshen my digital illustration skills, that's how this lovely piece was created. A result of recharging and unlocking my iPad.

2021 - Kitty Kat on a bike

2021 Kitty Kat's beginning

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