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Welcome to my environment journey!

Updated: 6 days ago

This is the thread where I'll be dumping everything regarding my environment art journey. I made it a goal of mine to improve my background art / environment art / concept art. Especially in animation, without a proper background, in my opinion, the entire animation seems a bit soulless. And lost in space. And since I suck a** at drawing them, I made it a challenge for myself to get better at it. Join me here on my journey and watch me fail, improve and cry many tears.

2021 - Chillon Castle; Marker pens on coloured paper

2021 - Studio Ghibli artist Study; This is a study I did of an existing background painting by Studio Ghibli. It is also the piece that made me realise that there is a long way for me to be a decent background painter. And that's when I decided to start my environment journey.

process images of my Studio Ghibli background study

2020 - tiny environments from an adventure story pitch about modernised Swiss tales.

The mouse - 2019

Exploring and forcing to draw an environment in a certain style. I chose to draw a background based on UPA animation style. The first thumbnails are just some lighting tests and camera angle tests. The last image contains the final environment piece with the mouse as a placeholder.

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