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W24: Experiments

Jun, 21

Last week felt like a breeze. The days were sunny, and my mind felt free. Went strawberry picking which is always fun and throws me back into childhood days. My knee is doing progress as I'm prepping for surgery in two weeks! Exciting times.

I ordered picture frames for the painting I finished two weeks ago. Looks lovely now. Interested in purchasing? Hit me up :D

I also experimented on my iPad in procreate with the colours around the realistic human parts in order to see what else could make it more interesting.

Dived into my Vogue Magazine from last year and experimented with fashion illustration styles as this is has always been one of my favourite things to do when I turn off all the noise in the back of my head. I always wonder how and where I have to look and who I have to address, to get into that field of work...

Browsing through Vogue and drawing from my favourite images is a treat.

I know, they look like children's drawings. But what's wrong with that? I felt like a kid, too. Just taking the brushes and splashing the colours onto the paper. Pure joy.

Those were two different mixed media drawings during a late night flow. A charcoal pencils and charcoal affair. Kind of spooky the one on the right. Drawing time for each: roughly 30min

As for my commute sketches, last week I only drew this quick sketch where I tried to get away with an as simplistic as possible rough shading to create this shiny silky look. I added for the parts completely in shade a Japanese ink brush pen. If anyone knows the photographer who took the original picture, I'd love to credit him/her. This piece took roughly 40min.

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