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W23: Nudes and Circles

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Jun 9, 2023

I drew quite a lot this week. This is also due to the fact that I unfortunately suffered yet another injury at a badminton tournament. Unhappy Triad. Not cool, another surgery ahead but that's off topic now. I drew a lot and I reflected a lot. I also talked to a curator of a gallery I was side-eyeing since last year but never had the courage to approach. Because, it's a fucking gallery and it's scary to go in. I don't actually know why those things scare the hell out of me, but I finally managed to talk to him and it was really lovely. Decided to add a G to my Logo and that Mangoguacamole is the name I will definitely keep. It's a mouthful, weird but it's fun and it's so ME. I started with a series of paintings which I call BARE. It's very naked and very colourful.

A quote that inspired me this week was from Austin Kleon's book "Show Your Work":

You're only as good as your record collection." - DJ Spooky

Maybe I should add a few records to my collection...

My Bare collection and work mess.

A Portrait from commute rides: 30min, 1hour, 2hours

My new logo choice

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